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EuroTracs is an ICT-integrator and consultancy company within the field of transport, mobility and logistics.

Within our organization, we are specialized in offering following services:

1. Our products for transport- and fleetmanagement where we are specialized in offering transport software and related services like the integration of telematics and boardcomputer systems.

2.The development and implementation of software and hardware offered as projects and related to transport, global logistics and mobility within the environment of transport, shipping or services oriented companies. Exampes of projects where EuroTracs is involved are: Management of large fleet movements; Locating assets for private fleet, trucks, persons, …
Planning and dispatching of transports or services taking into account sla’s, skills management; Analyzing driving behavior, accident management and analysis, …

EuroTracs acquired its expertise within those domains and because of various projects and technical relations between the different products, we are always searching to share our functional and technical knowledge. We are convinced that transport, logistics and mobility are getting strongly related and eco-systems are the base of winning teams.



eMobile, L’informatique embarquée pour les transporteurs qui veulent progresser Vous trouverez plus d’informations dans le lien du dépliant ci-dessous

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