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We are a Belgium energy company based in Brussels, Singapore and soon in New-York.

What we do is developing renewable solar ENERGY projects as a total concept.

With a unique product adapted technology and EPC service, optional O & M.
As facilitator we are licence holder of Flexible Thin Solar Film.
Which is a type of solar module of only 2,4 kg/m2, 1,4 mm thick, 375-Watt production output.

Who benefit of it:

1. Ideal to be installed on the roof of warehouses with roofs of low stability.
2. On dry trucks, fridge trucks, Vans, containers, utility cars, barges, boats, buses, OV, …

The application of solar energy on those is not to drive with vehicle but:

 Safe 5 % fuel
 Prolong with 20 % life time of battery
 Limited or eliminate the use of alternator
 Cut maintenance cost
 Reduce 4,5 Ton Co2 emissions
 Improve company image

Using solar energy on deepfreeze trucks can save up to 100 % of the fuel used to cool the fridge box of 9-meter length trucks, reduce with > 5 Ton Co2 emission.
Payback time for trucks and fridge trucks is extra ordinary limited to 2 – 4 years.

The flexible thin solar film is directly glued on the roof skin of your building or vehicle.
This true mechanical fixation or sticked with glue silicone or adhesive hook & loop.
That allows you to remove the solar film in case of repairing on roof or change of vehicle.
Guaranteed production output 25 years, estimated lifetime 30 to 40 years.

So, we not install solar glass panels of 20 kg/m2 on rooftop of houses or residential buildings.
Our strategy is to bring solutions in case of technical limits as weight, in case of legal obstacles as Homologation or esthetical limits as with heritage buildings.
Therefore, we use a niche technology, with a niche product, to apply in niche markets.
• MWT cells as technology (glass free)
• Flexible Thin Solar Film as product
• Problem solver as a total concept




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