Dankzij de Scallog robots, is de Belgische groothandelaar Bricolux zich klaar voor de terug-naar-school drukte in minder dan drie maanden tijd.


Expansion of its range with more than 1,000 new references, growth of BtoC / E-commerce and customer service excellence, Bricolux is counting on these levers to develop its turnover. And the prerequisite is an efficient and agile logistics, from storage to order preparation, with Goods to Man Scallog robotization !

Nanterre, February 23, 2021 – A school and educational materials wholesaler since 1973, Bricolux is a leading household name in the education and childhood sectors in French-speaking Belgium and Luxembourg, among professionals, its historical core target group, and private individuals. In order to benefit from a logistics that meets its challenges and ambitions, the wholesaler Bricolux has chosen in 2019 the Goods to Man Scallog robotization.

As Alain Collard, CEO of Belgian company BRICOLUX, explains : « Our logistics are agile and high-performing, as exemplified by our increase in turnover, from €3m to €7m. Logistics are key to accelerating our growth. As a school and educational materials wholesaler, over 70% of our sales are made over a three-month period, with the September back-to-school window serving as our deadline ». He adds that : « Scallog’s Goods-to-Man solution now allows us to spread our logistics over the summer period to ensure we’re up to the task of delivering to over 2,000 French-speaking schools in Belgium and Luxembourg from 16 August on, and no later than 1 September. » …