LUMINEQ transparent displays solve a dilemma in cabin design for agricultural and industrial vehicles
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LUMINEQ transparent displays solve a dilemma in cabin design for agricultural and industrial vehicles

LUMINEQ transparent displays are helping agricultural and industrial vehicle makers solve an age-old dilemma of how to adequately display information to operators without obstructing critical field-of-view or consuming valuable space.



Ensuring the most visibility while providing adequate data to operators is a real challenge for agricultural machinery makers. While larger and more numerous screens is becoming the new trend of the automotive cockpit, it is not necessarily the answer for off-road vehicles.

In agricultural vehicles, the sitting position of the operators is high but the location of the dashboard is low, which makes it difficult for operators to monitor the data during operation. That’s why some manufacturers decide to add an additional display mounted higher up on the pillar. While the information is at the eye level and easier to grasp, the display itself, in many cases, still blocks the view of field in certain situations.

How about the head-up displays in the automotive industry? The concept of the head-up display works perfectly since it brings the information to the line of sight without sacrificing visibility.

However, the most commonly known HUD solution that we see in cars is based on a projection system and is not suitable for agricultural machines for three reasons.

First, it doesn’t work very well with vertical windshields. The projection system needs a certain angle to be effective, which is hard to find in an agricultural vehicle where the windshields are quite vertical and steep.

Second, the projection unit takes quite a lot of space from the dashboard, typically 7-10 liters. The space in industrial and commercial vehicles is precious and very much needed for either the operator’s comfort or the goods being carried in the case of a delivery truck.

Third, the projected HUD can be fragile. Since off-road vehicles operate in the field, and the terrain is often bumpy, there can be shocks and vibrations, which may cause blurred images and shorten the lifespan of the projection unit.

LUMINEQ introduces a new HUD solution. Read more about this in link below.


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